Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Not much of a blogger am I?

Whoops! Anyway, I'm going to try working on this, as I am planning on doing a separate blog that may help me professionally if I decide to go into journalism (one of the two change in career ideas I have).

UPDATES on the Johnson family: back from deployment, well has been since March, then went to Field Medical training in Camp Lejune NC until July. The day he "graduated" and came "home" we loaded up our cars with what didn't go on the truck and headed down to Jacksonville FL where we purchased a brand spanking new home.

Michelle...I left a great job to relocate for my dear husband, and have yet to find a job here in Florida. I have had several interviews, and I work with a staffing agency from time to time. Buuuut, I also found out about a month after we moved here that I was pregnant with Johnson Monkey number 3. Turns out this happened the week we moved to Florida. So I have put on hold my job search, since I am due in just over 2 months. I am also still going to school persuing my Bachelor's degree in accounting. I will have two more terms after the current one I am in...this puts me with graduation around September. Life should be a little less hectic by then, so I plan to resume my job search then.

Aidan...holy moly this boy is growing, he will be FOUR in May! He is a smart little dude...and picking up everything and I mean EVERYTHING that Aaron says...good and bad! Yikes...I am anticipating lots of trips to the principal's office in my future. He loves his sister and seems excited that he will have another sister soon. He misses "school" (daycare) but luckily Florida has a program for kids his age and he should be starting pre-school in September. He is fully potty trained now so he is ready to go! little lady is not so little anymore! She will be TWO in just a few short weeks. I'm not sure where the time has gone! She loves to "pick on" her brother, she will take things from him she knows will make him upset. Her vocabulary grows on a daily basis and amazes me. She is now sleeping (well that's what we call it) in her big girl bed. Around New Year's day she figured out how to get out of her crib and we decided there was no point keeping her there. She is also my little escape artist...she runs away from me every chance she gets! This is proving to be complicating the further along I get in my pregnancy.

Well there you have it folks! A very short version of the last year. Not sure how I'm going to format this in the future as our life is not THAT exciting, but we'll just see how it goes. I will update on my new blog once I get it up and running.