Monday, November 17, 2008

Sunday/Monday * 11.16/17.08

My Sundays & Mondays always seem to run into each other...I'm not sure why I did it. Why did I go back to school when I KNEW my husband would be gone for so long? It's nice when my kids decided to take their naps at the same time, but when they alternate their schedules I can't fit in time to do ANYTHING!

Nice thing is, if I keep at the pace I'm going (not only will the time slip by before my love comes home) I should have my degree by the end of 2009!! is 1:40 Am...I better head to bed if I'm going to get up early enough to get us all dressed and out the door by 7:40!

Friday, November 14, 2008

He knows what to repeat * 11.14.08

How come when I try to get Aidan to say something like Barack Obama I can't get him to say it...but yet in the middle of road rage when I yell out "Thanks a$$ hole" he can repeat it clear as day? And last week I was so exhausted that I spilled the bowl I was filling up for him all over the stove and after he repeated "mommy you dropped it" 5,000,000 times I said "yeah because mommy is so effing (though I said the full word) tired." All I heard the rest of the night until he went to bed was "mommy your effing tired?" Luckily he hasn't repeated that word since, and after he initially repeated me this evening I haven't heard that word either.

I always thought Aaron was the one that was going to get Aidan to say those words...mommy better watch her potty mouth huh?

I have no clue * 11.14.08

So, I have one blog on Myspace that is pretty lame. Other than that, this is my FIRST attempt at blogging. I have three intents on setting up this blog. One is I teng to ramble because as I type I get ideas and I start typing them...completely going off topic. Two is I like to talk about my kids, and what better way to to that than on a blog :). Three is I've lately, like the last three years or so, been interested in a job in journalism. So a while back while searching jobs to see what they require I came accross a job listing for a blogger. I had no qualifications whatsoever, so it wasn't something to persue. So I decided I need to try out blogging, see how it works, and then develop something I'm passionate about that not many people *like* to blog about as that seemed to be what they were looking for.

So I look forward to getting feedback from all my friends & family on what you think of my blog!

Thanks for visiting!