Friday, November 14, 2008

He knows what to repeat * 11.14.08

How come when I try to get Aidan to say something like Barack Obama I can't get him to say it...but yet in the middle of road rage when I yell out "Thanks a$$ hole" he can repeat it clear as day? And last week I was so exhausted that I spilled the bowl I was filling up for him all over the stove and after he repeated "mommy you dropped it" 5,000,000 times I said "yeah because mommy is so effing (though I said the full word) tired." All I heard the rest of the night until he went to bed was "mommy your effing tired?" Luckily he hasn't repeated that word since, and after he initially repeated me this evening I haven't heard that word either.

I always thought Aaron was the one that was going to get Aidan to say those words...mommy better watch her potty mouth huh?

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