Friday, November 14, 2008

I have no clue * 11.14.08

So, I have one blog on Myspace that is pretty lame. Other than that, this is my FIRST attempt at blogging. I have three intents on setting up this blog. One is I teng to ramble because as I type I get ideas and I start typing them...completely going off topic. Two is I like to talk about my kids, and what better way to to that than on a blog :). Three is I've lately, like the last three years or so, been interested in a job in journalism. So a while back while searching jobs to see what they require I came accross a job listing for a blogger. I had no qualifications whatsoever, so it wasn't something to persue. So I decided I need to try out blogging, see how it works, and then develop something I'm passionate about that not many people *like* to blog about as that seemed to be what they were looking for.

So I look forward to getting feedback from all my friends & family on what you think of my blog!

Thanks for visiting!

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